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Practice areas include regional initiatives implementation, place-based community and economic development, strategic infrastructure investment solutions, communications and engagement services, strategic planning and implementation strategies, and a full suite of community and organizational innovation services.

These are provided through use of:

Collaborative Strategies
Skilled Implementation Services
Strategic Planning and Initiatives
Relationships and Partnerships
Engagement and Communications
Leadership and Capacity Development
Project Development and Management
Assessment and Research
Training and Technical Assistance
Convening and Conferences
Resources and Funding

​Dr. Bridget Jones is Principal of Jones - Bridget, a community and economic development consulting firm specializing in smart growth and sustainable development implementation. Her practice is based in Nashville Tennessee where she works with local, regional, state and national organizations and governments. Jones is seasoned in implementation of regional scenario plans through strategic implementation and collaborative leadership strategies. An economic and community development and higher education professional, she has lead major regional and community-level initiatives and projects across Tennessee. Jones is a proven communications and engagement leader, learning network manager, and program and policy expert and brings these skills to her practice. Her work has focused on effective use of collaborative leadership and strategies and skilled implementation supported by proactive project management strategies toward complex solutions to community and economic development problems through her career. Jones serves on the board of Smart Growth America. Prior to launching her firm in January of 2016, Jones was Executive Director of Cumberland Region Tomorrow, one of the country's oldest and most successful regional quality growth initiative.

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