Dr. Bridget Jones is CEO and Principal of jones-bridget consulting group, a community and economic development consulting firm specializing in collaborative leadership strategies and regional quality growth implementation.  Practice areas include regional initiatives, place-based economic and community development, strategic infrastructure investment solutions, communications and outreach, strategic planning and implementation strategies, and a full suite of community and organizational innovation services.​


Collaborative Strategies
Skilled Implementation
Strategic Planning and Initiatives
Relationships and Partnerships
Engagement and Communications
Leadership and Capacity Development
Project Development and Management
Assessment and Research
Training and Technical Assistance
Convening and Conferences
Resources and Funding

“Her experience and understanding of Multimodal Transportation strategies have been key to advancements made in Middle Tennessee and across the state.  Her ability to effectively communicate new ideas and build new levels of consensus  with urban and rural communities, CEOs, farmers, elected officials and other leaders from all over the state has been invaluable.” Toks Omishakin, TDOT Deputy Commissioner of Planning and Environment


“Bridget has put tremendous effort into building CRT into the regional force it is today. Her capabilities and tireless efforts are responsible for bringing so many people around the same table to talk about and take action on the big issues facing Middle Tennessee.”  

Charles W. Bone, Cumberland Region Tomorrow Director Emeritus


“CRT’s Bridget Jones is an emerging force and someone who is adept at advancing statewide conversations that link the urban and rural communities that comprise Tennessee’s large metropolitan regions."
Helen Chin, Sustainable Environmental Programs Officer, Surdna Foundation


“Dr. Jones is a national leader in Smart Growth practices and policies. She is a gifted strategist who is able to work with both sides of the aisle. Tennessee is much farther ahead in the global competitive economy because of her leadership.” 
Geoff Anderson, President and CEO of Smart Growth America


“ I have put my he​ad, heart, and soul into CRT for the past 12 years and am proud to have helped build the organization into one of the premier organizations promoting regional collaboration,  planning, and implementation for quality growth in the U.S.  It is now time for me to put my passion to work also on a larger scale. It has been a dream of mine for many years to open my own firm and work with community and organizational leaders across my home state of Tennessee and the country as I move forward.”      Dr. Bridget Jones, CEO jones-bridget consulting group

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