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The following results and projects illustrate collaborative strategies and skilled implementation methods used by Bridget Jones in past implementation initiatives and projects.  Visit each link to learn about results and projects, reports and publications and local and regional projects that show how your organization and community can benefit for jones-bridget consulting group services. Featured Project: Tennessee Regions’ Roundtable -  National Association of Development Organizations Navigating our Future Best Practices Case Studies publication


Regional Visioning and Initiatives Implementation

Place-Based Community and Economic Development

Community Visioning, Planning, Design, Implementation 

Messaging, Communications, Outreach – TDOT Multimodal Messaging

Collaborative Leadership Successes

Training, Technical Assistance

Project Development, Management, Resources, Funding

State-wide Leadership, Capacity Building, Learning, and Resource Sharing Network

Successful communication of outcomes and best practices

Convening and Conferences 

results - projects