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practice focus

Bridget Jones, CEO and Founding Principal of jones-bridget consulting group……..

 I am grateful for a career that has provided many opportunities to help community and organizational leaders develop and implement successful community, economic and workforce development initiatives and projects.  I have worked in my home region of Middle Tennessee and across our great state, and I also have had the opportunity to help shape the approaches of state and national agencies and organizations and agencies in my experiences.

Throughout my career and graduate education, I have learned about and crafted collaborative leadership, project management, and implementation strategies that have proven effective in all of my professional work.  These combined elements create successful outcomes and results, and provide the basis of my new consulting practice. 

My work at jones-bridget consulting group is focused to ensure your community’s and organization’s success by working with you to:

Determine your targeted objectives and outcomes
Use collaborative leadership approaches and strategies to get the right people together and focus their expertise and efforts
Complete community or organizational situation assessment
Research best practices and approaches
Set your project strategies and game plan
Get the needed expertise, resources, and funding strategies for implementation
Provide successful project organization and management services
Help you to evaluate and effectively communicate your successes and outcomes


Simply put………..

If you would like assistance to bring the right people together to create strategies and a successful game plan toward your complex organizational or community, economic or workforce development needs and objectives…… along with skilled implementation assistance…….. I and my colleagues at jones-bridget can help you.  If your needs and objectives fit our expertise strike zone and values…….. we look forward to great work that will help you accomplish your targeted outcomes.